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Mega Promo Weekend for Nandito Ako

It is the first weekend since David left the Philippines. It has also been a week since Nandito Ako aired. What abetter way to spend the weekend than to go out and promote David’s show!

A week ago, I dropped by TV5′s office to pick up hundreds of posters and flyers for Archuleta Philippines to use to help promote the show.  As early as Sunday last week, Naree started distributing them to members of Archuleta Philippines to distribute to potential viewers.

Nandito Ako posters

Nandito Ako flyers

Archuleta Philippines also embarked on a Promotional Power Campaign for Nandito Ako and created materials in addition to the posters and flyers that others can download and print themselves for the promotion (design c/o Kricket and Ferj).

Archuleta Philippines promo materials

And Archuleta Philippines even made the campaign more exciting by releasing this announcement to die-hard, hard core promoters of Nandito Ako:

If you feel like you’ve already been doing your best to promote Nandito Ako, then this is probably good news for you. A reward may be on its way!

AP, in coordination w TV5, is giving away special archustuffs, and A SPECIAL GRAND PRIZE for winners to our “NANDITO AKO TODO PROMOTE!” contest. Watch out for our post on this later today, and you may just win something from JOSH BRADLEY himself. *Wink*. (Hint: When you do all of the above suggestions for promotions, make sure you document it – take a video or picture. Who knows, you may be our lucky winner!) Be sure to follow us @archuletaphils @kricket_rc234!

If you haven’t done your part yet, then better get your fangirl mode on and power campaign for David!

So, here I am documenting my weekend of non-stop, shameless promotion of Nandito Ako. It was so much fun seeing the reaction of the people I’ve talked and how many of them wanted more copies once they saw who was on the show ;)

1) Posters outside tricycles (a motorcyle with a sidecar, often used as mode of transportation in the Philippines for short distances) – I got these tricycle drivers to help me put up the posters at the back of their tricycles. They even asked me for more posters that they can share with their buddies.

Tricycle in Agoo

Tricycle in Aringay

2) Flyers inside Tricycles

Flyer in Trike1

Flyer inside Trike2

Had Mr Trike Driver distribute the flyers

3) Posters in Shops

At a computer shop

At Ice Cream Haus

3) At bus stops

Bus stop

4) In buses

On our way to Sand Fernando, La Union and Baguio, JackRyan and I had the bus conductor put up posters inside the bus near the entrance/exit.

In provincial buses

5) In events – Panagbenga Festival (Flower Festival) in Baguio

Knowing how hundreds of thousands of people, local and international visitors, flock Baguio during its annual Flower Festival (also known as Panagbenga) , JackRyan and I went up to Baguio to share in the festivities and spread the word about Nandito Ako. We targeted those who were taking pictures with TV5′s float and they were excited about the show when they found out David Archuleta is on it. Some even asked for multiple bookmarks as keepsakes.

Gave away AP's Nandito Ako bookmarks by TV5's float

Explaining Nandito Ako to potential viewers

"I wanna watch Nandito Ako!"

Getting friendly with Panagbenga visitors

We also targeted the ice cream vendors since they move around a lot and people can easily spot the posters when they buy from them.

Nestle Ice Cream vendor

Selecta Ice Cream Vendor

6) And even at home

My welcome to our visitors LOL

It was a tiring yet productive weekend. Hopefully, everyone we talked to will start tuning in to Nandito Ako this Monday. They’re in for a treat - David Archuleta in bunny suit!

More to come… Peace!

Thanks TV5!

DAVID ARCHULETA in Manila 2012 – Day 12 (1-24-2012)

What am I doing in Makati Cinema Square?

3 missed calls and 10 text messages. What’s happening? Haven’t had the chance to read the messages yet when my phone rang again. Okay, so kelangan ko na raw umalis and go to Makati Cinema Square (MCS). I didn’t even had to ask why. Getting a call from @nareejo only meant one thing or one person LOL - David Archuleta.

Within minutes, I was already in MCS. @nareejo and I met at Dunkin Donuts. I knew we were in the right location when I saw the guy from the table next to us - it was Mon Confiado, one of the guys in the twitpic sent by Direk Mac the night before (and apparently the guy playing Josh Bradley’s driver).

After dinner, we went to the 3rd floor where they were busy setting up for the next set. There we saw some familiar faces from the night before.  They let us stand in front with a nice view of where David will come out.

Hallway scene

We got to see 2 scenes:

(1) David talking to Mon, who looks like a chauffeur in his uniform. They were talking and at one point they laughed… unfortunately, we couldn’t hear them even if they were right in front of us.

(2) David…err… Josh  being mobbed by fans. It was funny coz the fans all had big posters of David with Josh Bradley written on them. So weird LOL. And then, as the fans ran toward him, Josh tried to find a way to get away from them. There we saw David’s ninja moves. All of a sudden he was already running towards the next room, right next to the area where we were sitting a few minutes ago (we shouldn’t have moved!). There was one take where David almost ran into me LOL. Yeah, he was quick to run away. It was fun watching David act… the changes in his facial expression, his body language. David definitely could act!

Some of the things we liked about tonight was how nice the TV5 people were to us/fans. When they saw me and @nareejo standing and watching, they brought us monobloc chairs to sit on. When they went on dinner break, someone came out with 2 plates of beef steak. They even fed us!

Bistek from TV5 peeps

We brought Dunkin Donut munckins for David and Jasmine. But then since we wouldn’t be able to stay long to actually give the munchkins to them, we had the TV5 peeps give them instead.

And they got them! At least it was confirmed by Jasmine :)

Jasmine got the munchkins

We were so tired from the night before that we decided not to wait anymore. They told us they were going to shoot 2 more scenes and one of them will be at the basement. But that meant at least an hour of setup. So, yeah, no waiting this time. (Looking back, we should have waited. They did the bunny suit scene at the basement!)

P.S. Before the hallway scene, David was inside the studio where I think they shot the scene shown yesterday with him, Ana and Alwyn trying to pick the winner for the date contest.


Before we went to the set, Jasmine thanked us for the gift we gave her in SM Fairview

Anya's Gift

(In italics were comments added today after watching Ep 7 of Nandito Ako)

DAVID ARCHULETA in Manila 2012 – Day 11 (1-23-2012)

January 23, Chinese New Year. It was a special non-working holiday in Manila. We took advantage of the day to try to visit David at the set. The problem was we did not know where the location was. As early as 6:00 AM, I started looking for clues on Twitter. I wasn’t disappointed.

1st clue – Scenes w/ Gelli means Marikina

2nd clue – An address

3rd Clue – Dragon Dance – see the background?

4th Clue – Looking for Chinese food in Libis

Using the ever reliable Google maps, we found our way to Dela Pena. The challenge now is finding the right street. We just knew that it was near Riverbanks. After several wrong turns, we took one last chance in a narrow street leading to what we thought was a dead end. We even had to fold one of the side mirrors for fear that we might hit one of the cars parked in the very narrow street. When we got to an intersection, we decided to ask some of the guys sitting by the road where to turn to go back to the main road. Little did we know that they will give us the last clue we needed. They told us to turn left since we might not be able to pass through if we went straight. Before we could ask why, the guy went on to tell us that the road was possibly blocked because of a shooting that was ongoing. We got excited. ‘Who were the actors involved?’ , we asked. They answered, ‘Jasmine Curtis’. TUMPAK! THANK YOU! Who would have thought that narrow, almost-impossible-to-pass-through road will lead us to our destination!

Blue dot marks the location that we chanced upon by luck

We went straight and expected to be blocked off, but nah, the security guy that was by the road even helped us park. We walked to the set holding bags of Chinese food, Spanish bread and Krispy Kreme for the cast and crew. No one stopped us as we approach the house where they were filming. Instead we were told to sit on the bench in front of the house while we wait for David because he was still on dinner break.

We did not sit on the bench, though. We decided to stand across the house and just observe everything that was going on. The crew, upon noticing how we’ve been standing there for over an hour, offered us monobloc chairs so we’re comfortable while we were watching! Wow, such good treatment to fans!

View from where we stood the entire time

We gave some of the food to Direk Mac. We then decided to just have the food brought by the TV5 people to David’s tent so he could eat what we brought since they were already having dinner.

After a few minutes, Ana Feleo tweeted

Chinese food for dinner!

Shortly after that, David came to the set wearing purple long sleeves and gray trousers. He stood there for several minutes talking to a few people including Jasmine’s mom. Then, he left the set. While he was away, we got to watch scenes of Anya, mom and brother (Let’s Volt in, slap scene between mom and Anya). We could also see some of it on the monitor that Direk was watching. That’s when I realized how difficult the job was both for the actors and the director to get the scenes right. For one single scene, they had to do several takes from different points of view. By the time Gelli, Jasmine and little boy they were done with their scenes, it was already 3 hours since we arrived.

We were hopeful that David would be back (our clue, the MIB guys were still there). Our only goal by then was to see/hear David act. That was answered shortly. David came back in gray shirt and black jeans. Jasmine came back wearing brown blouse and shorts. And aren’t we lucky? We got to see Gelli, David and Jasmine rehearse their scene right in front of us! Gelli shouted “Magananakaw!” and then David answered “I’m not a thief!” Then Gelli said, “Are you Josh Bradley? You are Josh Bradley! Did I scare you? Are you okay?” (not the actual words, but something along those lines) And David answered “I’m alright”. Then off they went inside the house for another round of rehearsals. Then, a very familiar voice filled the house – someone was singing loudly. LOL! It was David! I couldn’t remember what the song was but I remember Direk singing along with him when he came out of the house :)

During the take, we could hear Gelli and David shouting. We tried to watch the scene from the monitor outside. After the scene, Direk Mac turned to us and asked, “Nakita nyo?” Haha, Direk, you should have asked us to watch beside you! But nah, we could only see portions of it, mostly of David’s face which we could easily recognize from afar. After the take, the cast came out and watched a replay of the scene. They talked a bit about it and then we could hear everyone telling David to get some rest.

On his way to his van, he waved at us, said hi , asked if we had fun and if we enjoyed watching. Gosh, we got so tongue-tied that we just said we did and hoped he gets some good rest. He actually looked as if wanted to talk some more but there were security guards around him. We did not even attempt to approach him, we just sat there and talked to him timidly. Ha ha, cowards! But that’s okay, it was already late. He was tired. At least we knew he got to eat the food we brought , we saw/hear him act and we got to talk to him for a few minutes :)

Pic the cast took in front of us

“Gotta love Neal and his hat”

Previews of Season 3 Summer Finale. I can’t get over how awesome the entire season is! Great, great story and perfect cast! Can’t wait for the next season to begin!



And here’s a good review from

‘White Collar’ summer finale: Some of the best acting you might not be watching


Network TV has a reputation for being forgettable during the summer months, but ever sinceSex and the City debuted in the summer of 1998, cable has been the perfect cure for the summertime blues. Shows likeThe WireSix Feet UnderMad Men, and Damages have all rescued viewers during the dreaded dog days. This year, I can add White Collar, which closed out its summer run last night, to that list of impeccably acted dramas.

Beau Bridges guested as a federal agent in an episode that found Peter closer than ever to discovering that Neal stole the treasure, as the feds tracked the Degas painting that Mozzie had recently unloaded. But Bridges’ appearance in the episode is not my reason for bringing up the fine acting on this show — although, he certainly does help my case.

The scene that stood out to me the most from last night was the final one, where Peter, after receiving a threatening call from returning baddie, Keller, rushes home to find police swarming his apartment. Elizabeth was kidnapped.

The icy stares between Peter and Neal were spot on (as it usually is), but Tim DeKay’s expression in this final scene killed me. He looked simultaneously haunted, dazed, and like he was going to be sick — all expressions that I imagine even the steeliest of FBI agents would have if their wife was in danger. It was out of character, but in the perfect way.

Now, we know nothing is going to happen to Elizabeth. We’ll return from the summer, Peter will kick some ass, Neal will help, and she’ll be returned safely. But until then we’re left with the image of tortured Peter — and of an underappreciated actor.

That’s not to say people aren’t watching the show. In fact, it’s holding its own, topping out at over 4 million viewers at some points so far this season. But it’s a shame there’s often still a “nothing to watch” attitude about summer. Because it’s there, folks. And it’s really good!

Agree? Disagree?

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