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Philippines: The Top 12 Beaches


So many more beaches to visit in the Philippines! Panglao next!

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I have always loved rankings of world beaches but when no Philippine beach appears on the lists, I would surely get disheartened. How could someone produce the list of the top 10 beaches in the world when in fact they have not seen all! They could have just came up with the title, “The best beaches we have seen so far!” Sometimes, you cannot fathom why a beach in filthy Kho Phangan in Thailand is ranked higher than the immaculate beach in Playa del Carmen in Mexico. CNN produced a list of the world’s 50 best beaches and it created overwhelming disapproval when beaches in the Greek Islands, in Bermuda and in the Philippines’ Palawan were missed out. Also, Yahoo Travel featured an article ranking the Philippines’ best beaches and I thought it was not so properly done, placing El Nido at the top without even singling out any of…

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Visit at Dolphy’s Wake


Went to Dolphy’s wake with Naree. TV5 sponsored the necrological service.

The wake was at Pavilion 6 in Heritage Memorial Park. On our way in, we saw a lot of photographers and reporters interviewing someone by the steps of the pavilion. They were interviewing Aga Muhlach who was with his wife, Charlene, and their two adorable kids.

We stayed outside since the hall was already packed, mostly with artists from the entertainment industry.

We saw Ana Feleo walk past us, but we did not get to greet her. We were met a few minutes later by our friend at TV5. She was greeted shortly by a pretty girl standing in the same area as ours – it was Jasmine Curtis-Smith. Our friend introduced Naree and I to her and Jasmine shook our hands.

We moved closer to the front of the hall to see the events inside (there were also TVs outside). Nino Muhlach was giving his eulogy for Dolphy – it was heartfelt and emotional. He wanted to play a video of his movie with Dolphy but for some reason it won’t play.

Others who gave their eulogies were German Moreno, Claudine Barreto, Willie Revillame, Sharon Cuneta and Manny Pangilinan. Some of the eulogies remembered the kindness and greatness of Dolphy, who despite his success remained humble and grounded til the end. His great love for his wife and 18 children shined through. There were a few, though, who just rambled and talked more about themselves.

Some minutes later, we were greeted by a familiar, sweet face. Eula Caballero, bubbly as ever, gave each of us a hug.Told her we should meet up again soon and she agreed.

Others who we spotted outside the hall were Pilita Corales, Ramon Christopher, Direk Mac Alejandre, Don Allado, Maricar De Mesa, Willie Revillame, G Tongi, Direk Peque Gallaga, Christian Vazquez and other oldies and newbies whose names I don’t remember.

Mykapalaran who was busy livetweeting the events in the hall took a break to greet us outside. I gave him his David Archuleta calendar c/o Jennifer Barry from the US. We agreed to meet up for dinner sometime soon.

We left the wake around midnight.